Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously...Seriously? 47

I was chatting before about how I feel Ryan hanging around lately...subtle little turning my radio on...opening the trunk to my car...and today...well...let me tell you...
I was on the trail running today...muggy...kind of hot...mosquitoes...the whole works. I wasn't feeling the run from the start, and thought, if I can just get this run in around 47 minutes, I will be happy...knowing under 45 was out of the question.

Well almost to my finish and I peep at my watch, and I freaked stopped...who knows when exactly... on 47:00 min. I don't even think I had run for 47 mins already, so that was the weird thing...and how the watched stopped...I don't know
So, it's like, maybe he read my thoughts and played a game on me? I mean I did ask him the night my radio turned on by itself if he was hanging whatever, it freaks me out in a good way.
Rushing this post, as I gotta get Max off to bed. But earlier on Facebook with a sister in Detroit, and brother in Korea...gotta love being able to have 3 conversations thousands of miles apart. Though I am so not tech savvy...modern technology does have its positive moments.
Included is a photo I took as soon as I got home, because, 47:00 exactly...what's going here? Things that make you go....hmmmmmmm:)


  1. WOW.

    *cue the Twilight Zone theme*

  2. Wanna know what's even weirder than that? By the time I saw this post on my blogroll, you had posted it 47 minutes earlier.