Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Happens When Stroller Falls Into The Lake...

...cell phone and car keys follow. Yes, this happened yesterday, on a 5 mile run with Max. Pausing for a quick duck feed on the end of the route I forgot to lock the stroller in place. After turning my back to feed crackers to ducks with Max, some random runner yelled, "Whoa, the stroller", and well by the time I turned around, it already made the plunge!
I was able to fish the phone and keys out, but the phone was instantly dead. Luckily, it dried up by morning and works now:)
Then, I had another little surprise this morning...I was hit with some little bug. But I bought this stuff called, Sinus Buster, which was recommended by my boss. It was $16 for over-the-counter, so I thought, it better work. So far, I like the results. It's all natural and made with Capsaicin Pepper.
So, no run today, but if I can flush this nasty crud out of me, looking forward to run in cooler weather on Friday, as the temp "is suppose to drop into the 70's"
Yesterday I met a great guy who is going to make a website for me to reach a wider donating audience. Thanks, Joey, for taking the time to meet, and volunteer for the challenge.
I had a few days of blah-ness, I won't pretend...maybe it was leading up to getting this bug. But over the weekend, I might have doubted myself a few times. But it will all work out in the has to:)


  1. Hooray for your positive attitude!

    Boo for the wet stroller. Yikes.

    Sinus Buster, huh? I'm all about all natural stuff and I haven't heard of that. Will have to look it up.

    Take care, get well soon and have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, dang! Sorry I wasn't there also feeding the ducks! That's what I get for taking the day off...