Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously...Seriously? 47

I was chatting before about how I feel Ryan hanging around lately...subtle little turning my radio on...opening the trunk to my car...and today...well...let me tell you...
I was on the trail running today...muggy...kind of hot...mosquitoes...the whole works. I wasn't feeling the run from the start, and thought, if I can just get this run in around 47 minutes, I will be happy...knowing under 45 was out of the question.

Well almost to my finish and I peep at my watch, and I freaked stopped...who knows when exactly... on 47:00 min. I don't even think I had run for 47 mins already, so that was the weird thing...and how the watched stopped...I don't know
So, it's like, maybe he read my thoughts and played a game on me? I mean I did ask him the night my radio turned on by itself if he was hanging whatever, it freaks me out in a good way.
Rushing this post, as I gotta get Max off to bed. But earlier on Facebook with a sister in Detroit, and brother in Korea...gotta love being able to have 3 conversations thousands of miles apart. Though I am so not tech savvy...modern technology does have its positive moments.
Included is a photo I took as soon as I got home, because, 47:00 exactly...what's going here? Things that make you go....hmmmmmmm:)

Another Perfect Run Day!

Yesterday was awesome. When I was finished, it was like I only ran 2 miles. Another great temperature day to run today as well. The group of people helping me with this fundraiser have been working hard, and I look forward to adding new team members as we march towards the $10,000 goal for 2-14-2009.

I have been feeling like Ryan is around me lately more than usual, the whole CD player going on by itself.

Than yesterday I was getting Max out of the car for a run and he wanted the umbrella out of the I was like...let me run over to the driver's side and push the button...but the trunk opened by itself, before I made it to the button!

I paused for a moment, and then went on with my run, but couldn't help but feel a strong spirit hovering around me.

Off to run!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Emotional Monday

Hated to go into work...turn on my computer, and see the deadly news of troops in Afghanistan on Monday. Doesn't help that someone close to me is over there.
The rain today was very symbolic of the tears being shed over the loss.
It's also dawned on me that I am thinking about Ryan so much more lately...probably due to the fundraiser, but just feel this constant strong presence around me. (The quote in photo is from Ryan and placed on a bench in Central Park taken by my older brother Case's friend)
Last night I freaked out because as I was reading a story to Max in bed, the CD player in the living room started playing. No one was in the living room and all the lights were off. So, I crept inside, peaked around, and shut the radio off.

It was weird, because it took me back to New York City when I took off to drive back to Maryland after Ryan's death. My radio hadn't worked in my car for 2 years, and all of a sudden, as I said goodbye to my mom, brother, and sister, the radio started to play (I just died in your arms tonight) as I headed back. I immediately called my mom, and told her Ryan did it. So last night, when the radio just turned on by itself, I jumped!

Was that Ryan again?

Couldn't run cold and drizzly to push Max...but had a great running weekend. Look forward to running a 10K at Camp Mabry on Veteran's Day...probably the only race I will do until the Marathon...
The plaque reads: "It is necessary to dig deep within oneself to discover the hidden grain of steel called will" Ryan Shay

Need sleep:)

Warriors, Not Victims

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Another Great Story from WWP

Great run today. An amazing 10 mile run after a very encouraging meeting with the Conley Sports Team. Yep, and I pretty much balled my eyes out on the trail today for a few seconds...because it's pretty hard to run and cry at the same time. But today was extremely emotional, in a very positive way. It's awesome to have such a great support group already, and Austin is just growing on me more and more each day:) Maybe it's the cooler weather lately:)

I went through the WWP site again to look at programs and stories, and this one gets to my heart. The smiles on these veteran's faces as they bike from city to city just leaves me speechless. It's so hard to complain about anything, when I can't even know what it takes to have such determination after receiving life altering injuries. Bless these guys!

Running For Ryan Dot Com

Joey Trimyer, a recent new friend from Austin, has volunteerd to make a website for runningforryan...
It will be
This will become the main source of info. for the fundraiser. It's in the works and should be completed shortly!
Thanks Joey!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perfect Run Day:)

Today was awesome as far as running could a nice 5 miler in, and Max was an angel in the stroller. Been noticing the same people running the trail now. Makes me wonder if they think, hey there's that mom running with her son again?
My body feels really wierd since last night in a good way...loose and energetic. I've been eating a large salad loaded with a lot of veggies including avacado, and a bit of cheese and fruit and yogurt for snacks and I have been noticing the change of my work outs when I eat well, versus grabbing a crappy snack from 7-11 during the work week. I know it's not rocket science, but it's working. Saw a lady push a dog in a baby stroller today. At first, I thought, seriously? But then, I thought, why was a small dog and probably enjoys the fresh air and couldn't keep up on a run with her. Maybe I will see someone's pet pig in a stroller next?

Monday, October 19, 2009

First 12 Miler...And It Hurt My Butt

So, my long runs are not scheduled. It's either, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Whenever I can have someone watch Max, so I can do it without the stroller. I did a 12 mile run on Saturday morning, and after mile 10, my butt actually started to hurt a little. But I wiggle two more miles out, and completed the run.

It didn't really boost my confidence for the marathon, but I do realize I have about 4 more months of training. I can't kid myself...the Lupus flares can play a role on how good my running will be, but usually it's after the run, that I feel the irritation and inflammation on my face.

Donations are not where I wanted them to be, but help is on the way soon, and looking forward to the extra motivation it will give me to complete this. Pretty tired tonight....but so happy to open my fridge to all the fruit and veggies I prepared on's such a time saver!

By the way, saw "Where the Wild Things Are" with Max. Totally didn't expect the movie to be the way it was. I thought it was kind of dark for a 4 1/2 year old, but he said he liked it and wanted to see it again!

Just For Fun

Celebs who have completed a marathon...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had a dream that wounded soldiers were cheering me on. It was one of those dreams where you feel like you are running in place and not getting anywhere, but eventually got to the end of race. Which made me think of "real life" soldiers who may feel like they are working so hard "and getting nowhere" while healing and learning to live with life altering physical and and emotional wounds.

Which kind of reminded me of my car in a strange way. I am happy to have a car that I don't make monthly payments on. It's not fancy, but it's one less bill I have to pay every month. But in July, I hit an exit gate while going 5 miles per hour (because someone asked me a question and I turned my head) and dented the front of my car which kind of jacked up the driver's side door. Well, I was shocked and kind of irritated because I did not want to buy a new car, and did not want to fix it and spend a couple thousand dollars. So, by the next morning, I embraced the dents and dings, and was happy to have a running car. The car still runs great, but you wouldn't know just by looking at it.

Sort of like having an injury when physical scars are very visible, but underneath may be a strong willed individual ready to keep on going and reaching new goals. That's why I am doing this. There are so many men and women who need the Wounded Warrior Project to help them believe and achieve life's new challenges. Please cheer them on by donating whatever you can, today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I really need some help with donations. Please take a moment and visit my page and donate for the fight against cancer. Me and my sister are walking in the 5k Livestrong Challenge on the 25th in Austin. Thanks.

Posted on Facebook, by my friend. She's raising $250, and needs, $180. For Livestrong Challenge. Every little dollar counts:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Live To Run, Or Run To Live?

After missing a run, due to cold rain, and not wanting to push Max through it this weekend, I felt a little out of place. Mondays are my rest day, I had a case of OCD about missing the run, but in the end , I enjoyed a very non-scheduled Sunday, and had a blast with Max just hanging out. So, at work this morning, and briefly talking about guys, yes, it happens:) and one co-worker told me I needed to put more make-up on, let my hair down, wear some high heels, and "not live for running". Which was funny, because all I could think about was how a run was going to feel on a Monday after a busy day in the office? So, I told her, yah I know, after February, it will calm down. But it did get me thinking about how obsessed one can become while prepping for a major sporting event. So, while I do want to finish this race, I do see how it is ok, especially as a busy mom, to miss a day here and there and not get too worked up about ruining my perfect running schedule...which I don't even have anyway...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Happens When Stroller Falls Into The Lake...

...cell phone and car keys follow. Yes, this happened yesterday, on a 5 mile run with Max. Pausing for a quick duck feed on the end of the route I forgot to lock the stroller in place. After turning my back to feed crackers to ducks with Max, some random runner yelled, "Whoa, the stroller", and well by the time I turned around, it already made the plunge!
I was able to fish the phone and keys out, but the phone was instantly dead. Luckily, it dried up by morning and works now:)
Then, I had another little surprise this morning...I was hit with some little bug. But I bought this stuff called, Sinus Buster, which was recommended by my boss. It was $16 for over-the-counter, so I thought, it better work. So far, I like the results. It's all natural and made with Capsaicin Pepper.
So, no run today, but if I can flush this nasty crud out of me, looking forward to run in cooler weather on Friday, as the temp "is suppose to drop into the 70's"
Yesterday I met a great guy who is going to make a website for me to reach a wider donating audience. Thanks, Joey, for taking the time to meet, and volunteer for the challenge.
I had a few days of blah-ness, I won't pretend...maybe it was leading up to getting this bug. But over the weekend, I might have doubted myself a few times. But it will all work out in the has to:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Single Parenting and a Marathon

I love my son, as he is my number one fan to see me finish this Marathon. Our schedules are full, and time is precious, but we have worked in a routine that seems to be working well so far. A great way to maximize time is the whole buy groceries on Sunday idea. We go together, and he likes to weigh all the produce and print the stickers out for the bags. But the real life saver, is chopping up all the veggies and fruit and storing them in the fridge so they are ready for the entire week. I am sure this concept has been thought of by many intelligent parents around the world, but I only recently began doing this, and it helps! It also helps prevent me from buying more foods with preservatives, as that is an irritant for Lupus. And let me just say...if you notice someone with a rash like mark on their face, don't blurt out, "You got something contagious or something"? Had this happen to me today, and I was kind of shocked, by calmly replied, no, it's Lupus. I am lucky that my few leisons are concealable when my hair is down, but they are visible when my hair is up, like on this day. I don't talk about it much, but I can understand how those with extreme cases can really feel self-conscience. Will discuss more on this topic when I am ready.

But back to Max, and running...we are making it work. I do promote this activity to all parents who need/want to get out and fit exercise into their routine. I bought this jogging stroller, probably my 5th one now, on Craigslist for $50, and that beats a monthly gym membership fee! After every run I tell him how much he is helping mama out, and he feels proud, and I reward him weekly for being so patient with a little toy or treat. :)

And by the way, how many 4 1/2 year olds love Cyndi Lauper? Almost daily, as we head to Town Lake, he says, mama, play my favorite song..."that wanna have fun song" How cute:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hmm, well, what can I say?

Mondays are usually my rest days...thankfully as the first day of work always seems to tire me out each week. Thanks "J" for calling me in the middle of it, so I could have a laugh and smile in the middle of a crazy Monday. Hope to see you soon!
Ran into a veteran, who was wounded while serving, and he is starting a new career in the area. All the best to him. Once again, just another way to humble myself when I feel a little blah...and unsure about things. Goodnight.

Wounded Warriors race draws hundreds, benefits injured vets

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Running

I have to give a shout out to my brother Stephan, who finshed in the top 15 at the USA Men's 10 Mile Championship today...and to Abdi who won the whole thing! A truly great guy, so congrats!

Also to my friend, Brian, for doing so well in the Portland Marathon.:) You sure took advantage of the cool weather up there. So, a great day for 3 runners, and my run wasn't bad either today. Max let me push him through the muddy trail without much pause, but the sticky air wasn't welcoming. But, we finished, and it put a nice end to a pretty productive running week.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Justin Gabriel

A local employee at Run Tex, the company that supplies water on Town Lake daily for runners, was severely injured a couple of weeks ago from a fall. My thoughts are with his family. Get bettter Justin!

Austin City Limits

The 3 day music festival began today, which meant NOBODY was running on the trail except me and maybe a dozen others. This lead to a great run, and my first 10 miler since pre-summer running! now there is hope of a 15...and 20 miler...down the road. :)