Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2010 New Year, New Begining

Well, it's been about a month since I last wrote. Today I felt motivated again, as I checked the mail and a very generous donation check was there to put us over $26,200 goal amount. Now we will be over $27,500 in generated funds for the Wounded Warrior Project in Ryan's memory. I am very proud today, but I would be lying if the New York City Marathon didn't still linger in the back of my head.

It seems life has been a little more stressful since that morning I got my appendix removed, instead of running the race of my dreams. A hefty hospital bill, new car, because 220,000 miles on my Chevy was about all it could do. Got a lot of use out of that car!

But today, as I just seemed a little more irritated than usual, I headed out for a smooth 5 mile run around Town Lake and my body just felt like jello all over--like an instant stress release, I was mellow! I couldn't help but think about Ryan, and how I just don't feel like stopping what I have started with Running For Ryan. Then, I got an email from my brother Case, who lives in South Korea, and he asked about running the NYC Marathon next fall for this cause, and I instantly wrote back: maybe we could do it together! So, with those spur of the moment words

coming out of my mouth, I feel like the challenge is still there to accomplish. I am VERY happy we reached the monetary goal this time around, and now I feel the only thing to do is increase the goal amount and keep going with this. I still have a runner dedicated to raise money for his Chicago Marathon debut this fall, so why not keep it going for all and anyone who still wants to help?!

The truth is, not running makes me cranky! I have signed up for the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon that takes place on February 20th, and hope to do a few more races here and there. NYC is in the back of my head, and depending how this summer goes, it could be an option for 2011.

Thanks again to everyone who supports this cause. I really am hoping 2011 will bring great things to Running For Ryan. I am even thinking of starting a non-profit in Ryan's memory. Anyone willing to help or suggest ways to help me get the non-profit off the ground, please contact me at: runningforryan@gmail.com This non-profit could open the doors to generating donations to various charitable events/organizations in Ryan's honor.

Take care.