Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

Yeah! Yesterday was a training day I wish I had everyday! Town Lake was bustling with determined runners zig-zagging all over the trail. You could tell everyone was enjoying the "cool" 80 degree evening and I enjoyed a very satisfying tempo run. I knocked off 15 min. of a 7 mile run and only 2 minutes slower than my average 7 mile training run last winter.

I love this time of the year in Austin, and anywhere in America. Fall is definitely my favorite season, and with a month away before the big day, look forward to being in New York and catching all the leaf change colors we don't really see that much down here in Texas.

It's a pretty chilled day, and I look forward to another run this evening. I appreciate all the support and donations. It's really sinking in, that in about 40 days...I will have to complete this marathon, rain or shine, pain or no pain...but it's the thought of the challenge that keeps my adrenaline going!

Please remember if paying by check to make payment to: Wounded Warrior Project
and mail to:

Running For Ryan
c/o Sarah Shay
P.O. Box 300766
Austin, TX 78703


Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi there. Oh, it's a pretty super day because today I completed 18 miles in high 80 degree weather. Granted, such a blessing from the 100 degree summer heat, but NEVER thought I would be able to do 18 in these temperatures. It was kind of slow, about 30 min. slower than my winter training, but I am pleased anyway.

We have received some kind donations over the past few days, either in the mail, or on-line and I want to say, THANKS SO MUCH!

After the checks go through we will be near the $17,000 mark! I really appreciate the ongoing support. After today's run, I feel like I will be able to conquer 26.2 miles again!

On a side note...Thursday I was coming down with an awful cold. My head was pounding, throat scratchy, neck swollen, sinuses clogged, and a bit of the fever aching feeling. remembered I had I had these symptoms in early July and ignored them...ended up with full blown bronchitis, and had to go on antibiotics. The cough lasted over 30 days.

So, I was rummaging through my over-the-counter meds and found some Sinus Buster spray I used several months ago. Totally forgot I had it, and totally forgot how great it works until I tried it again. I don't get paid to say this, but I wanted to share my secret weapon that got rid of my symptoms and pain within a day and a half. I was literally going to go into the doctor on Friday and say, hit me up good with something...I gotta do 18 on Saturday.

I used the natural, red pepper spray, and viola...I am feeling 95% better. I swear on this spray, and recommend anyone to try it. It saved me a trip to the doctor, and it's all natural...and I am pretty sure I got it a Wal Greens. I think it's about $15. It's costs money to take time off of work, pay a co-pay at the doctors, and then, for me anyway, shell out hardworking money for an expensive prescription!! This product, as well as SCAPE sunblock have been great finds during my year of training for these past 2 marathons. Since early August facial lesions from my Lupus have pretty much been in remission, and I give a lot of credit to SCAPE because it has been the best sport's sunblock I have ever used. So, if you have Lupus and run outdoors, or you are prone to skin cancer, I would totally recommend it to you! It's not a cure, but it's a good training buddy to wear on your skin.

Once again...THANKS FOR THE DONATIONS!!!! Please keep spreading the word.


or CHECKS can be mailed to:

Running For Ryan

c/o Sarah Shay

P.O. Box


Austin, TX 78703


(100% of donations go directly to WWP after we credit amount to Team Ryan Shay Memorial)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

I felt alive again today. Similar to all the running/emotional highs I had while training last winter for the Austin Marathon. I was looking forward to a run after work, but it started pouring rain around 4:30 pm and I just stared at the window, thinking, oh great, day 3 without a run! But, Mother Nature was kind enough to stop to a drizzle by the time I hit the trail. Barely anyone was running, and I pretty much had the 7 mile run to myself.

It's as if today everything that is been so chaotic over the past several months just stopped for my 70 mins of training. The air was comfortable, there was no sun blazing in the sky, and my confidence increased due to the fact my run time was almost comparable to when I was training in the cold weather.

I also have Ryan in my thoughts more often again, as date of the NYC Marathon grows closer. On my run today, I remember when I wrote about a dream I had about running this race with my brother...before I even fathomed running the NYC Marathon. I think I even had the dream before I finished the Austin Marathon. I would have to go back and check when I wrote about it. But the main part of the dream involves us starting together, and running over a bridge and heading up into some clouds. Ryan took a break and sat down, and said, something like, "Now go now...get to the finish", and I jumped down from the clouds on to a road and kept on running.

It was the second dream I had about finishing a race with him in the dream. So, I really think it's meant to be to finish this race for him.

I feel like I lost focus during the summer, and it felt so nice to run a great tempo run and make peace with all the zillion thoughts in my head relating to everything I have been juggling lately.

I felt very connected to Ryan on this run, and to top it off, as I was crossing the I35 bridge today, nearing the halfway point, Journey's "Dont' Stop Believing" played into my headphones and for once in what seems like a long while, I started visualizing the finish line in NYC again. Yeah!:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 16 miles and a Bite

(crazy bite mark on my leg just before heading out for 16 mile run)

Ah, finally, blessed with some decent temps as last Saturday's run was welcome with overcast skies and rain. I managed to get my longest run in since the Austin Marathon, 16 miles. As I headed to the car to make my way to Town Lake, I notice a bite on my right thigh instantly go black and blue with a bite mark in the middle. It was kind of scary because I can't remember having a reaction like that before, but after a couple of days it's down to a pale bruise and starting to disappear. Being in Texas and all, you never know what's lingering around waiting to take bite at you!

I am trying my best to get back to more frequent messages on this blog, especially because it's getting so close to race day, November 7, 2010.

This time around, fundraising has been difficult. I am so much busier with work, and in life in general, that I haven't had nearly the amount of opportunities I had raising money for the Austin Marathon. But, every little bit helps! The Flo Track interview brought in nearly $1,300, and I did have the chance to do some mail outs over the weekend while Max was with his dad. Thanks, again to Erin O'Mara who helped bring in $1,000 over the past few weeks by joining the team.

Right now, I just need to keep on asking that if you are reading this and can spare a few dollars, or know others willing to give to such an important cause, to please donate and keep spreading the word.
Thanks again for all the support! Your donation helps get us to $26,200 for some amazing servicemen and women who often use the Wounded Warrior Project to run, bike or walk again with loss of limb(s) in different sporting events across the nation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

(good bud, "B" when he was overseas)

Hi there! It's been awhile, a couple of weeks, I guess. Well last week was just crazy at work with Tropical Hermine whisking through Central Texas, and all that could accumulate work wise, did. Happy Belated Birthday to my dad and sister Amie who share a birthday on September 11. My thoughts did go out to all of those who lost loved ones on that day. I knew it was September 11, but I forgot as I hit the trail Saturday morning for a blistering, insane, wanted to pass out and just cry 14 mile run in 95 degree weather. It was the slowest 14 mile run I have ever attempted, nearly 2 hours and 50 min. As hydrated as I was, I still felt like my body would burst into flames at any given moment. But I was heading on Riverside and bunch of motorcycles passed with American flags attached to their bikes, and it reminded me, it was 9/11. This naturally got me thinking about our troops, and just about being so grateful in general for the life I do have. I really try hard not to take things for granted (especially after Ryan passed away), but of course, we can stray from time to time, and occasionally need reminders of what really is important.So, simply seeing these bikes parade down the road, helped me truck through another mile or so with just a little more energy.

Recently I have been reconnected with a friend I have been writing for 3 years as he has worked and lived abroad as an active duty Army guy and now doing wonderful things far away as a civilian. He has been living and working in places I could not imagine, and always upbeat about his work, even when times are hard. It's great to keep in touch this long, and it seems we just always know when to reconnect and catch up when the timing is right. Also, happy to hear another friend has returned from Iraq, and safely back to work in the U.S. Now, waiting for my very best bud to return. It's been awesome catching each other on Skype, but look forward to having her back home!

Their selfless sacrifices do keep me humbled, and as I get into less than 2 months before race day, I will try hard to write more, and start reaching out to as many as I can about contributing to this great cause.

Good night!