Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perfect Run Day:)

Today was awesome as far as running could go...got a nice 5 miler in, and Max was an angel in the stroller. Been noticing the same people running the trail now. Makes me wonder if they think, hey there's that mom running with her son again?
My body feels really wierd since last night in a good way...loose and energetic. I've been eating a large salad loaded with a lot of veggies including avacado, and a bit of cheese and fruit and yogurt for snacks and I have been noticing the change of my work outs when I eat well, versus grabbing a crappy snack from 7-11 during the work week. I know it's not rocket science, but it's working. Saw a lady push a dog in a baby stroller today. At first, I thought, seriously? But then, I thought, why not...it was a small dog and probably enjoys the fresh air and couldn't keep up on a run with her. Maybe I will see someone's pet pig in a stroller next?

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  1. wait till you see the miniature ponies on the trail (not in strollers, though).