Monday, October 12, 2009

Live To Run, Or Run To Live?

After missing a run, due to cold rain, and not wanting to push Max through it this weekend, I felt a little out of place. Mondays are my rest day, I had a case of OCD about missing the run, but in the end , I enjoyed a very non-scheduled Sunday, and had a blast with Max just hanging out. So, at work this morning, and briefly talking about guys, yes, it happens:) and one co-worker told me I needed to put more make-up on, let my hair down, wear some high heels, and "not live for running". Which was funny, because all I could think about was how a run was going to feel on a Monday after a busy day in the office? So, I told her, yah I know, after February, it will calm down. But it did get me thinking about how obsessed one can become while prepping for a major sporting event. So, while I do want to finish this race, I do see how it is ok, especially as a busy mom, to miss a day here and there and not get too worked up about ruining my perfect running schedule...which I don't even have anyway...

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  1. Too funny--I took Sunday off as well, but then skipped Monday...and can't do it tonight...and tomorrow will be at U2...and then traveling to Kansas. This week is kind of blown. Oh well. There's always next week.