Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Day Light Saving Thing Is Gonna Be Tricky

Good weekend. Fun was had by Max as he trick or treated for about a half hour and was done...he had more fun handing out candy than going door-to-door. Had a 12 mile run on Friday as I was free to run without stroller, but strangely my second half was a lot stronger than the first half, which wasn't so great.

But...I have some songs that get me through certain moments in a run, and lately it has been Cold Play's Viva la Vida or whatever the name is..during my dragged out parts in a run. Kick Start My heart gets me up the hills, Sand Storm for a little fast paced running, and ending the run with some John Mayer. Could run to all of his music, but not fast enough when I need a little push.

Took Saturday off as it was loaded with things to do and of course Halloween for Max. Today I was up North in Leander with Max's aunt and uncle so I did a nice 6 mile run in the neighborhood and felt quite better since the 12 miler.

Awesome that Meb one the NYC marathon this morning...can't believe it's been almost 2 years since Ryan was there. What a roller coaster ride 2 years has been! I am going to train, now that it's dark after work...I need to get a strategy figured out. Totally forgot about the DST thing! Might switch to morning running, which I am not a fan!

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