Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Another Great Story from WWP

Great run today. An amazing 10 mile run after a very encouraging meeting with the Conley Sports Team. Yep, and I pretty much balled my eyes out on the trail today for a few seconds...because it's pretty hard to run and cry at the same time. But today was extremely emotional, in a very positive way. It's awesome to have such a great support group already, and Austin is just growing on me more and more each day:) Maybe it's the cooler weather lately:)

I went through the WWP site again to look at programs and stories, and this one gets to my heart. The smiles on these veteran's faces as they bike from city to city just leaves me speechless. It's so hard to complain about anything, when I can't even know what it takes to have such determination after receiving life altering injuries. Bless these guys!

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