Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Single Parenting and a Marathon

I love my son, as he is my number one fan to see me finish this Marathon. Our schedules are full, and time is precious, but we have worked in a routine that seems to be working well so far. A great way to maximize time is the whole buy groceries on Sunday idea. We go together, and he likes to weigh all the produce and print the stickers out for the bags. But the real life saver, is chopping up all the veggies and fruit and storing them in the fridge so they are ready for the entire week. I am sure this concept has been thought of by many intelligent parents around the world, but I only recently began doing this, and it helps! It also helps prevent me from buying more foods with preservatives, as that is an irritant for Lupus. And let me just say...if you notice someone with a rash like mark on their face, don't blurt out, "You got something contagious or something"? Had this happen to me today, and I was kind of shocked, by calmly replied, no, it's Lupus. I am lucky that my few leisons are concealable when my hair is down, but they are visible when my hair is up, like on this day. I don't talk about it much, but I can understand how those with extreme cases can really feel self-conscience. Will discuss more on this topic when I am ready.

But back to Max, and running...we are making it work. I do promote this activity to all parents who need/want to get out and fit exercise into their routine. I bought this jogging stroller, probably my 5th one now, on Craigslist for $50, and that beats a monthly gym membership fee! After every run I tell him how much he is helping mama out, and he feels proud, and I reward him weekly for being so patient with a little toy or treat. :)

And by the way, how many 4 1/2 year olds love Cyndi Lauper? Almost daily, as we head to Town Lake, he says, mama, play my favorite song..."that wanna have fun song" How cute:)


  1. Yesterday I ran without Benjamin and I missed him! It wasn't the same. Saw you and Max on the trail but you run just enough faster than me that I couldn't catch you.


  2. I love that you run with him. You're growing another athlete, you know...