Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well, wow, another great lapse in writing time, but had such a great time at the Color Run in Austin, TX last Saturday, May 4th.... it made me want to jot some thoughts down again.

First off, I haven't really ran in a long time.  I do go slow jogging about 3 to 4 times a week, but haven't participated in a road race in a long time...since the ING NYC Marathon in 2011!  I say I was well overdue for some fun on the run!

One of my girlfriends entered the event and I joined up last minute, wondering why the heck not?  Well, this event was so CRAZY that it was a blast!  I would recommend for anybody looking to enjoy the day, enjoy life, enjoy some exercise with family and/or friends. 

Strangely enough it was also on May 4th, the birthday of Ryan.  So, I kind of have to contribute the date to making the running event that more special!  It was a time to run and celebrate his life, and just get out and get comfortable in the little running circle again.  It wasn't even a was a run!  It was a run for fun time!

In the middle of all this fun I had a whirlwind of emotions from relationships that were beginning and ending.  I think the easiest way to get through these normal chain of events has been getting out there and jogging around the neighborhood.  Once again...confusion, uncertainty, relief, sadness, excitement...whatever the all seems like one big one after a run:CALM.  I had butterflies in my stomach last weekend.  I don't think
it will develop into something, but for a moment, I can say...there are still opportunites to have that spark again!