Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking forward to December

Not going to deny it, November is starting off not so great. I was so consumed with thoughts to day, I don't' even know how I functioned well enough to work. Took the day off of running as the aftermath of crashing on the cement a couple of days ago had caught up with my arms and my left knee. The friend I mentioned yesterday was a primary witness to the horrific scene at Hood. I saw this person briefly this morning to give much deserved hugs and then this person had to head back for more question answering after an all night briefing session. Warm thoughts to this soldier.
But I had to distract myself and took Max to see "A Christmas Carol". Not too shabby, but a little much on the special affects. Afterwards, I felt calmer and ready to refocus on the running challenge and mentally prepare for the upcoming months of training and getting those donations. Then, I got an email about the Camp Mabry Veteran's Day race being canceled, due to the shootings at Ft. Hood. It totally put me in a downer mood, as I was so looking forward to running for the veterans on that particular day. It was the race I wanted to pump me up more for the marathon challenge. I know eventually I will come around to being a little less emotional, but honestly I have to get a team together. It's just so much more inspirational and really the best way to achieve this goal.
Sunday's going to be my longest run yet. Really looking forward to it as the milage increase is definitely building my confidence.
Gotta sleep...Max only sleeps in on school days... ha ha

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