Saturday, November 21, 2009

Over $1,000, but $9,000 to go!

Just found out a friend from long ago is over in Iraq. His second tour, I believe. I wish him well and appreciate his service. Ran well last night, considering I was still feeling a little under the weather. It was drizzly and cool out, so a nice fast paced 7 mile run was had. It started out decent, but this guy passed me about 2 miles from the finish, and so I wanted to keep up with him for a good pace. I ended up passing him, and hearing his footsteps behind me, allowed me to go hard to the finish.

Mentally preparing for a 16 mile run tomorrow. If the weather stays overcast and cool, should be a great day for it!

Today Max and I are heading to the Domain (a shopping area) in N. Austin for a Christmas Tree lighting. It seems like the Christmas stuff starts earlier each year! But I love this time of the year, so the more lights and beautiful decorations, the better!

Thanks for continuing to DONATE! We have a way to go, but so appreciative of the donations to this point!

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