Thursday, November 19, 2009

Austin Traffic, the bad and good

Not going to lie, I feel beat down today. Started feeling it last night on my run. The weather was perfect, but the joint between my right arm and shoulder was aching badly, could not move my arm much on the run. Woke, up with a stinging pain, through my arm and got a little sickly at work. So, I had to skip a run tonight in hopes of recovering for a good run tomorrow night, and heading toward a 16 mile run on Sunday. It will be my longest distance yet!

Had a couple of emails about my Lupus. Strange that random strangers now email me, but that's what happens when you start to ask the nation for money to support our nation's severely wounded veterans.

I really only felt the affects of it during the summer when it was over 100 degrees almost daily. It started with a rash, the size of a dime on my face, and it wouldn't go away. So I went to a dermatologist who thought it was Lupus instantly. Blood work was done, and I had the antibodies in my blood related to Lupus. Not convinced, I asked for a skin biopsy. I deep tissue sample was taken from my face near my ear (you would never even know) and I was told that due to the extensive testing on the skin, it was 99.9 percent certain I had discoid lupus(external). So, then, a ton of blood was taken, about 10 tubes, and sent out to a lab in California. No kidney failure was detected, which is common in SLE (systemic lupus (internal)), but I carry the antibodies in my blood still. It's confusing, but long story short, I have a 10% chance of developing SLE. I was told to quit eating red meat, fried food, limit alcohol, and so on. Anything harmful to the liver and kidneys. I have to get my blood drawn every few months and follow up with my rheumatologist. Basically, it's an autoimmune disease where my good cells are attacking each other because they don't know better (silly little cells). Some days my ears burn when I have an inflammation. I only have a few noticeable spots near my neck and ears and since the sun has chilled out, it's been ok for the most part. In the summer I had one day when I was as stiff as a board and had to lie down almost all day, but other than that, I have felt good.

Which brings me back to Austin traffic. I have been here about a year, and well the one thing I still can't stand is traffic! Especially when you are feeling icky and just want to have soup and lie down. So, after being in traffic for an hour, I opened up my mailbox to find a large envelope. Huh? Well, it was the bumper sticker I ordered a few days ago. I was thinking about another way to get the word out about donating. I thought, well, I am in traffic all day, why not get a bumper sticker made. So, it came in the mail, after I forgot I even ordered it. When I looked at it, I nearly cried, as it humbled my attitude about being a tiny bit sick, and let me realize once again there's a race to run for some pretty amazing soldiers, and I can do this!

So, attached is the bumper sticker...simple and sweet, and hopefully something random strangers will see and type into their computers...and click on the link...and give....give to all those who gave us so much!

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