Sunday, November 15, 2009


That was the amount of my lunch with Max at Jason's Deli today. Automatically thought of November 11 (Veteran's Day). And so, I pushed a side the minor aches and pains of my body from a 15 mile run the night before and told myself, to stay focused on the goal at hand. Recovery from the long runs are becoming easier each time around, and I am curious how a 20 mile run feels, versus a 15 miler run.

I also discovered that the smell I always smell under the Congress bridge on Town Lake aren't silk worms, rather bat doo-doo. When I lived in South Korea, they roasted silk worms for a snack, kind of like peanuts, and the smell is very similar to bat poop in my opinion. I never tried the worms, because, well octopus was as daring as I got in food tasting.

Networking is going to be an ongoing goal for me, as I was totally shy to ask for donations in the beginning. I didn't have a plan, I knew I just wanted to run and make my brother proud to finish a marathon, and do something that could help the awesome men and women in our military. It's a volunteer service, which means, we don't have to question "why did they volunteer?", we just have to remember, "they did volunteer", and that is why we can sip our mocha lattes and read a paper on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If you are reading this and haven't done so, PLEASE DONATE...AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DONATE. EVERY SINGLE CENT COUNTS. IF YOU HAVE 5 BUCKS, I AM GRATEFUL. IF YOU HAVE 50 BUCKS, I AM GRATEFUL. Thank you! Your kindness will not be forgotten!

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  1. I LOVE the bats under the Congress Street bridge. Have you ever seen them come out at dusk? An amazing sight....

    I'm so excited for you. Getting further and further along! Congrats to you!