Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ft. Hood

I didn't need anything else to be emotional about, but life happens. On top of thinking about my brother so much lately, what happened at Ft. Hood today just blew me away. I have visited there a few times in the past couple of months, even watched Gary Sinise perform there with his Lt. Dan Band, which by the way was a cool concert from a super cool group of musicians. One of my best friends was there today, and my stomach just turned, but she's ok. Another person dear to me was in the middle of the action and I am blessed he is doing ok, though covered in others' blood and a witness to the tragedy.
Unable to go to a locked down Army Post and give support, I ran. The first half was brutal...couldn't focus, wanted to leave town, but after the sun went down, my body cooled, and I got a burst of energy to finish off the last few miles of a 7 mile run. Had a co-worker run with me today, and he kicked my butt by two minutes, impressive, and well he has bragging rights now, as he thought for sure he wouldn't be able to keep up with me...ha ha, yah right:)
All my thoughts to the families of those lost today, and everyday when we lose one of our servicemen and women.

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