Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing Broken

So, it's pretty obvious I enjoy a run without stroller when I can, purely due to the fact that I can run easier. I am more tired from a 5 mile run pushing a stroller, than a 10 mile solo run. Anyway, had a chance to do a solo run tonight, and I was in a rush because of Austin traffic! An hour and 10 min. to get from South to North Austin. So, I rushed out for a run, in the dark, without a light and had to do a little cross-country run for about a quarter mile (no sidewalk), couldn't see a thing, and tripped on a curb. Landed so hard on my wrists and my head just hit the cement a bit, fall broken by my hands and left knee. After 10 minutes of stinging pain, I recovered and decided it was best to head back and put in an extra good run tomorrow. Yesterday was so strange emotionally as it marked the 2nd anniversary of Ryan's death. I was high from a great run, but couldn't sleep, kept having dreams waking me up. I am one who always remember a dream, but can't remember anything last night. Needless to say, it was a restless night. Today was better, minus the fall, nothing broken but my ego, as the cars drove by with me kissing the sidewalk:)

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