Sunday, January 17, 2010

Very Inspiring Weekend!

(Stephan and I (Hilton)
(Stephan running to finish)
(Stephan, Meb (2009 NYC Marathon Champ), me with monster pimple (nice)

What a great weekend! I squeezed a 16 mile run out of a semi-tired body on Sat. morning, then headed to Houston.

I was lucky enough to get a pass, so I was able to be right at the finish, and couldn't believe my eyes when my little brother Stephan came whizzing by at a great half marathon debut time of 1:02.26, and a super 5th place finish.

The vibe for race day in Houston was pretty vibrant, and the weather was perfect for a race. I was so proud to see him do better than he expected, and it was had to hold back tears as I could really appreciate the work he's putting in to be such a great runner.

But THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE TRIP was being able to hang out with Stephan and get some brother/sister time in. It sure had been awhile, and totally felt great to be able to give some family support.

After watching him run, he became my inspiration here on earth, while Ryan pushes me from the skies above.

I am going to bed tonight extremely happy for Stephan, and only wish we could have spent more time hanging out. So, congratulations Pups! XOXO

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