Sunday, January 10, 2010

22 Miles in 22 Degree Weather1/10/10

(Max painted this rainbow today and he was so focused, I had to post it)

22 miles in weather somewhere in the 20's, felt like I was back in Northern Michigan, minus the wet snow.

Considering I had a soar throat 6 days straight, it went well. Today is day 7 of the scratchy throat but I think it's finally making it's way out of my system.

My watch wasn't working right but I think I completed the 22 in about 3:50, or a little gotta hope that with one more month of training, I will eventually run under a 4:30 on race day.

Today I decided it would be a great time to take Max on Town Lake so he can learn how to ride his 2 wheel bike, and we stopped along the way to feed dozens and dozens of ducks...more than in the summertime. What are those funny looking black ducks called with the short beaks? Anyway the bike ride was ok, but definitely scary to think of him riding minus the training wheels near those edges that fall far and straight into the no rush.

Going to have an early night, and look forward to meeting the Sente running team during lunch on Monday.:)

It was great weekend running wise as well as good quality time with Max. Let's hope the week flys by fast, because I am looking forward to watch my little brother Stephan run in Houston this weekend.

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  1. You go girl!

    I'm excited about this marathon. Getting closer, isn't it? I can't wait to read all about it! You sound ready!

    Thought about you the other day while reading a book - a fiction book - that referred to a character that I'd swear was based on your brother Ryan. Kind of blew my mind.

    Stay strong! (and warm! Sheesh!)