Thursday, January 21, 2010

Team Sente! Hello! January 21, 2010

(Max and Mom.)

My biggest supporter, Max. He's the sweetest little guy I could ever imagine being a mom to and he's my number one! We were heading to work/school this morning and he asks when I am going to run the race (Austin Marathon 2010)? I told him soon. Then he told me he wants me to win a big trophy so he could put it in his bedroom. I am thinking about buying a fake trophy just to give him for being such a good sport about all the running around we've been doing lately.

Today was also a great day for team work. Sente Mortgage has come aboard and is off to a great start with this fundraiser. I am so happy to have them all support Running For Ryan and can't wait to be on the road, running together on 2-14-10.

We have a little over 3 weeks left before the big day and so if you are reading this, please take a few minutes to give any amount you can to severely wounded veterans. We are all listed on the donation link, so pick anyone and give.

I am still excited about Stephan's run in Houston last weekend. You are such an inspiration, little bro, and can't wait to see you run again (if its not a million miles away):)

Thanks for being patient Max, and thanks Sente Mortgage for being there to honor Ryan's memory. Currently over $6,000 raised for our servicemen and women.:)

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