Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost 2 Week Count Down

like a sister, "T"(left) and me

We are coming close to the 2 week mark. As I get closer to running my first marathon, I start to think about our military more and what they continue to do for us. My best friend (I only have a couple of these) "T" and I are like sisters. In fact, since knowing each other over the last 6-7 years we were often asked if we were. She is overseas right now, somewhere, serving our country. I can't imagine a future without her friendship and I hope to share a million more stories about our chaotic, but blessed lives, including the never ending conversations about men.:)

When Max's dad was overseas for a year, I held my breath each time something tragic would appear on the news, and await the standard, "I am okay,I wasn't in that area of the IED explosive" email. Now, I cringe the same way when bad news pops up on the Internet because my buddy, "my sister" is there too. But, we have to keep living "life as usual" as civilians over here as well.

The balance of appreciating our military men and women, and continuing to live day to day at home can be tricky when you actually know someone far away in harm's way. The first time I went to Walter Reed, I wanted to scoop up all of the wounded soldiers and tell them I love them.

I felt sorry for them. But after speaking with one wounded soldier I learned that pity wasn't the response he wanted, but a sense of relief that his injuries would hopefully heal, and that he would be looked at as a man who served not a crippled individual.

So, tonight a special hello to "T", who has been one of my biggest supporters of this fundraiser to Wounded Warrior Project. May you be safe tonight and every night, and tell your company over there that I will run for you all with Ryan's help on 2-14-10.

Check this video out -- Higher Thanks to bro Case...get pumped up!

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  1. Love you too girl! Miss our long chats and get excited when we do get a chance to talk! You are doing a really great thing here and should be very proud of yourself! I know I am. Look at you, a year ago nervous about doing a half marathon, and now you do that and more on a weekly basis, and then wondering if you'd even reach $1000, and now you are what... over 6 or 7000! That's amazing! YOU did that, yes-with the help of generous individuals, but YOU made it happen! I can't wait to hear how you do on V day! I will be thinking of you! Luv ya!