Saturday, January 2, 2010

1-2-10 20 Miles! Yah, pretty stoked:)

(Stephan (left) and Ryan, while we were in Wyoming...going to see Stephan in a's been awhile)

Let's see, once again, Happy 2010 to everyone! On New Year's Day I participated in fun run hosted by Red Licorice events and Jack and Adams in Austin. It was great, and a perfect way to get out and get a little exercise when no one else was out and about. We also received some donations at this event, and many thanks to all of those who gave, and to those who hosted the event.

Today was, shall I say, freaking cool, because I completed my first 20 mile run! Now, the 26.2 race on 2-14-10 seems way more in hand's reach, and amazingly, the run was quite smooth. Sugar levels were smooth and here's a break down of how I got through 20 miles. This worked for me, so going to keep it as a routine for my long run:

Night before:

Spaghetti and meatballs (yes beef and pork mixed together) Red meat is a "no" for Lupus, but I do it pretty sparingly, and it's been OK. The sun is what affects me personally more than anything at this point.



Garlic bread


1 large oatmeal pancake

1 cup of coffee


The run:

half a banana and half a Capri Sun Fruit Punch juice after 8 miles

the other half after 12 miles

and though I was skeptical to try a gel pack, I bought a couple of Hammer Gels to try out, and the Raspberry is a winner. I squeezed one in my mouth (tastes like pure raspberry jam) at mile 17, and felt instant relief and energy, and it got me through the finish, with water in between every few miles as well. I recommend it! Definitely will have a couple on me for the Austin Marathon.

So, I think if I can do this kind of a diet every Friday night and Saturday morning, I can stomach it through the 20 + miles each time.

Looking forward to meeting the Sente team this coming week, and watching my little brother Stephan run the Houston Half on Jan. 10th. I have never visited Houston, so look forward to hanging out in a new city.

Now, it's time to eat leftovers and let my legs relax on the sofa.

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  1. Sarah,

    20 miles..Wow. That is amazing and I applaud you for all the hard work and effort you have put in this project.

    Christine Rhode