Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Liberating Run in the Rain

Dreary, cold, rainy, and almost decided not to run today. But...I did, and it was so liberating to be alone on the trail, air so cool, I never felt tired the entire time. Got a 5 mile run in and though I got rained on, I had this dry-fit long sleeved shirt on my brother Ryan gave me about 5-6 years ago when he ran for Nike. It's still my favorite shirt to wear in the cold, and it got me through most of the run. I passed a total of 9 other runners braving the weather today, and the only spoiler was running through a 12 inches of water about 5 minutes for the finish (burrrrr).

Thinking so much about getting donations in lately. Not going to lie, I am having anxiety issues about meeting the goal lately. I haven't had a new donation in several days. I know I will have my peaks and valleys, but I only have 2 1/2 months to raise $9,000 more dollars! I came up with an idea while running, so going to implement that tomorrow when I send out more letters.

My 17 mile run went smoothly last Sunday, though the last 2 miles were really tough. I am going to do another 17 mile run this weekend. My recovery time is getting shorter, so I guess that means I am getting more used to the milage.:)

I miss my brother more than usual today, because I cried a little bit when running today because I had his shirt on, and Man in the Mirror came on my Ipod, and it made me emotional. Then, the Fray came on, then Chances Are by Five For Fighting, and John Mayer's , Say. I was in the mood for this type of music, but had to switch up in the last part of my run to clear my head...and finished off with some Guns N Roses and JayZ:)

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