Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vintage Ryan Pic , just because

The last time I physically saw my brother was in August of 2007, about a month after his wedding. Max and I and my brother Nate went up to Flagstaff to stay for a weekend before I headed out east with Max. They had a cute little house on a hill and Abdi was in one room and another runner was in the other guest room, so I slept on an extra mattress in Ryan and Alica's room. That's how cool they were. Come stay, and you and Max can share our room. When we settled down for the night, we just chatted and made fun of each other for awhile and it was like a sleepover. I remember thinking, how cool Alica was to have Max and I crash with her and Ryan and share stories from the past.

The next morning, before we took off for a long road trip, we hugged, and he jokingly said, "See you in 2 years." I little joke we have in the family because we all live so far apart. But I never saw him again after that.

However, since his passing, I feel him around all the time, especially last night and today. Every few months, I break down and watch videos of him. I couldn't do it often in the beginning because it was odd to believe he was just an image on the screen now, and not physically here. Last night I listened to music my brother Case made for him and looked at a bunch of photos, and it was hard to fall asleep. It started with an email from a college teammate of my brother Case. Andrew wrote me about running with Case in college and meeting Ryan at one of their races. Then, Andrew suggested he may have some people interested in joining the cause (waiting for that to be confirmed), as well as bringing up Notre Dame, where Ryan graduated. Can't I reach out to someone there, and find out what they can do to help? Well, what a great idea, I thought. The pic on the website under the ABOUT information was actually taken at a Notre Dame party with Ryan, me, and 3 other siblings. One of my favorite pics, because it was hard to ever be in the same place and time with so many of us.:)

I had this conversation with Andrew last night, and then this morning I get an email from a ND graduate who lives in Austin. He tells me he's going to forward the fundraising information on to the Alumni Director, and I freaked out, because I hadn't contacted anyone yet. It was like Ryan was listening to my phone conversation last night, and helped get the ball rolling. I would love to have Notre Dame lend a giving hand and help bring in donations. So, I hope to here from you!

Running is going good this week. Love the cool weather, and actually looking forward to another 18 mile run on the weekend! Yah, can't believe I just said that, but it gets addicting!


GREAT RUNNER GIFT BASKET-FOR ONE LUCKY DONORThe basket includes the following:(1) Free entry to the Full or Half Marathon…$125 for 2010 OR 2011
(2) Rogue Running gift certificate…$100
(3) Two marathon tees…~$50
(4) Marathon logo eco-friendly bottle…$20
(5) Marathon bands CD
(6) Three pairs of socks
(7) Hydra Pouch (running bottle)
(8) Several gels, drink, bars
(9) Sun block
(10) Chap stick w/ SPF
(11) And more!
Those who donate $10 or more from 12/8/09-12/20/09 will have a chance to randomly receive this package. Your name will be entered into a drawing for every $10 donation. So, if you donate $20, your name is entered twice, and so on...I will contact the lucky recipient on Monday, December 21, 2009
WHERE TO DONATE?-ROUGE RUNNING in Austin, on 5th and San Marcos St.(Thanks for the Support!)You may donate with a check or cash at this locationYou may also view the actual basket at this location
-ON LINEJust click on the donation link on this page, click on (Sarah Shay), and make a donation. Then, email me at and send me your contact information.-
BY MAILChecks made to:Wounded Warrior ProjectMail to:Running For Ryanc/o Sarah ShayP.O. Box 300766Austin, TX 78701Any checks received by 12/20/09 by mail will also be entered into receive the gift basket.Thanks For Your Support!Email with any questions.

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