Monday, December 28, 2009

12/28/09 Great Day...even with the crash...ouch!

(Hit a large rock on the trail, and kissed the gravel)

It's a little of a gory pic, but proof that it's not wise to run around Town Lake at night without a light. I was running the fastest tempo run since I began training, knocking 7 minutes off my 7 mile time, in the zone...about a half mile to go...and I felt the rock that was stuck in the ground and slammed on the gravel so hard I thought I broke both arms. Luckily, I was able to get up after a minute and finish the run with a little agony, but swift pace. Well, swift for me.:)

Last Saturday, I completed a 19 mile run, without feeling to great afterward...the nausea from low sugar levels near the 17 mile mark made me feel dizzy and pretty weak, but I finished, and than started feeling major sinus congestion Sunday evening, into Monday morning. However, I have to say that this spray I discovered, SINUS BUSTER, is the best natural nose spray I have ever used. Anytime I feel a little sinus cold coming on, I use this, and I am usually clear in a day.

I had a great Christmas. Max loves his new bike, and all in all, it was a smooth day. Sunday I went out , yeah for Max's dad being back from deployment, and enjoyed drinks and conversation and happy to get out as a single parent for once in a long time:) Starting to get to know more people in Austin and it's beginning to feel more and more like a permanent home.

THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: We are receiving a very generous donation from Compass Bank. This donation will put us near $3,800...nearing the half-way point. With 47 days left to go, it's getting super exciting, and I am really enjoying running....though I must admit, the 19 mile run was brutal!

But, it's so worth it, because we are going to get these heroes the $10,000!

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