Sunday, December 13, 2009

18 Miles and Give Away-One week left

Saturday I had a great run in, considering it was 18 miles. The longest I have ever ran at one time in my life so far. It felt really good until about mile 16, I wanted to quick so badly, but got in a mental zone, and completed the full run in almost exactly 3 hrs. (3:00.46)

I had a crazy dream about tornadoes the morning of the run, which left me a little uneasy, because I had a dream about a tornado ripping through my childhood home the day Ryan passed away. So, thankfully nothing out of the ordinary happened on Sat.

Sunday morning however, Max woke up with non-stop vomiting. Poor little guy. He's holding down liquids now, but feverish. So, probably staying home with him tomorrow morning as he recovers from the bug he caught.

So, I stayed at home all day and cleaned the puke, and baked Christmas cookies, wrap some gifts, did some laundry, and made some fresh bruchetta and some pretty good chicken with garlic pasta as he cuddled on the sofa and watched a bunch of holiday movies...sucking on pediolyte pops.

I have a couple of new team members, Andrew, and Joey, hooray! Have to mail out a bunch of letters again this week for the fundraiser, and continue to spread the word. Pretty tired from the run and got Max snuggling next to me so going to end this for now. Goodnight!

The basket includes the following:
(1) Free entry to the Full or Half Marathon…$125 for 2010 OR 2011
(2) Rogue Running gift certificate…$100
(3) Two marathon tees…~$50
(4) Marathon logo eco-friendly bottle…$20
(5) Marathon bands CD
(6) Three pairs of sock
s(7) Hydra Pouch (running bottle)
(8) Several gels, drink, bars
(9) Sun block
(10) Chap stick w/ SPF
(11) And more!
Those who donate $10 or more from 12/8/09-12/20/09 will have a chance to randomly receive this package. Your name will be entered into a drawing for every $10 donation. So, if you donate $20, your name is entered twice, and so on...
I will contact the lucky recipient on Monday, December 21, 2009
-ROUGE RUNNING in Austin, on 5th and San Marcos St.(Thanks for the Support!)
You may donate with a check or cash at this location
You may also view the actual basket at this location
Just click on the donation link on this page, click on (Sarah Shay), and make a donation. Then, email me at and send me your contact information.
Checks made to:
Wounded Warrior Project
Mail to:
Running For Ryan
c/o Sarah Shay
P.O. Box 300766
Austin, TX 78701
Any checks received by 12/20/09 by mail will also be entered into receive the gift basket.
Thanks For Your Support!
Email with any questions.

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