Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 16 miles and a Bite

(crazy bite mark on my leg just before heading out for 16 mile run)

Ah, finally, blessed with some decent temps as last Saturday's run was welcome with overcast skies and rain. I managed to get my longest run in since the Austin Marathon, 16 miles. As I headed to the car to make my way to Town Lake, I notice a bite on my right thigh instantly go black and blue with a bite mark in the middle. It was kind of scary because I can't remember having a reaction like that before, but after a couple of days it's down to a pale bruise and starting to disappear. Being in Texas and all, you never know what's lingering around waiting to take bite at you!

I am trying my best to get back to more frequent messages on this blog, especially because it's getting so close to race day, November 7, 2010.

This time around, fundraising has been difficult. I am so much busier with work, and in life in general, that I haven't had nearly the amount of opportunities I had raising money for the Austin Marathon. But, every little bit helps! The Flo Track interview brought in nearly $1,300, and I did have the chance to do some mail outs over the weekend while Max was with his dad. Thanks, again to Erin O'Mara who helped bring in $1,000 over the past few weeks by joining the team.

Right now, I just need to keep on asking that if you are reading this and can spare a few dollars, or know others willing to give to such an important cause, to please donate and keep spreading the word.
Thanks again for all the support! Your donation helps get us to $26,200 for some amazing servicemen and women who often use the Wounded Warrior Project to run, bike or walk again with loss of limb(s) in different sporting events across the nation.

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