Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

I felt alive again today. Similar to all the running/emotional highs I had while training last winter for the Austin Marathon. I was looking forward to a run after work, but it started pouring rain around 4:30 pm and I just stared at the window, thinking, oh great, day 3 without a run! But, Mother Nature was kind enough to stop to a drizzle by the time I hit the trail. Barely anyone was running, and I pretty much had the 7 mile run to myself.

It's as if today everything that is been so chaotic over the past several months just stopped for my 70 mins of training. The air was comfortable, there was no sun blazing in the sky, and my confidence increased due to the fact my run time was almost comparable to when I was training in the cold weather.

I also have Ryan in my thoughts more often again, as date of the NYC Marathon grows closer. On my run today, I remember when I wrote about a dream I had about running this race with my brother...before I even fathomed running the NYC Marathon. I think I even had the dream before I finished the Austin Marathon. I would have to go back and check when I wrote about it. But the main part of the dream involves us starting together, and running over a bridge and heading up into some clouds. Ryan took a break and sat down, and said, something like, "Now go now...get to the finish", and I jumped down from the clouds on to a road and kept on running.

It was the second dream I had about finishing a race with him in the dream. So, I really think it's meant to be to finish this race for him.

I feel like I lost focus during the summer, and it felt so nice to run a great tempo run and make peace with all the zillion thoughts in my head relating to everything I have been juggling lately.

I felt very connected to Ryan on this run, and to top it off, as I was crossing the I35 bridge today, nearing the halfway point, Journey's "Dont' Stop Believing" played into my headphones and for once in what seems like a long while, I started visualizing the finish line in NYC again. Yeah!:)

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