Monday, September 13, 2010

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

(good bud, "B" when he was overseas)

Hi there! It's been awhile, a couple of weeks, I guess. Well last week was just crazy at work with Tropical Hermine whisking through Central Texas, and all that could accumulate work wise, did. Happy Belated Birthday to my dad and sister Amie who share a birthday on September 11. My thoughts did go out to all of those who lost loved ones on that day. I knew it was September 11, but I forgot as I hit the trail Saturday morning for a blistering, insane, wanted to pass out and just cry 14 mile run in 95 degree weather. It was the slowest 14 mile run I have ever attempted, nearly 2 hours and 50 min. As hydrated as I was, I still felt like my body would burst into flames at any given moment. But I was heading on Riverside and bunch of motorcycles passed with American flags attached to their bikes, and it reminded me, it was 9/11. This naturally got me thinking about our troops, and just about being so grateful in general for the life I do have. I really try hard not to take things for granted (especially after Ryan passed away), but of course, we can stray from time to time, and occasionally need reminders of what really is important.So, simply seeing these bikes parade down the road, helped me truck through another mile or so with just a little more energy.

Recently I have been reconnected with a friend I have been writing for 3 years as he has worked and lived abroad as an active duty Army guy and now doing wonderful things far away as a civilian. He has been living and working in places I could not imagine, and always upbeat about his work, even when times are hard. It's great to keep in touch this long, and it seems we just always know when to reconnect and catch up when the timing is right. Also, happy to hear another friend has returned from Iraq, and safely back to work in the U.S. Now, waiting for my very best bud to return. It's been awesome catching each other on Skype, but look forward to having her back home!

Their selfless sacrifices do keep me humbled, and as I get into less than 2 months before race day, I will try hard to write more, and start reaching out to as many as I can about contributing to this great cause.

Good night!

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