Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi there. Oh, it's a pretty super day because today I completed 18 miles in high 80 degree weather. Granted, such a blessing from the 100 degree summer heat, but NEVER thought I would be able to do 18 in these temperatures. It was kind of slow, about 30 min. slower than my winter training, but I am pleased anyway.

We have received some kind donations over the past few days, either in the mail, or on-line and I want to say, THANKS SO MUCH!

After the checks go through we will be near the $17,000 mark! I really appreciate the ongoing support. After today's run, I feel like I will be able to conquer 26.2 miles again!

On a side note...Thursday I was coming down with an awful cold. My head was pounding, throat scratchy, neck swollen, sinuses clogged, and a bit of the fever aching feeling. remembered I had I had these symptoms in early July and ignored them...ended up with full blown bronchitis, and had to go on antibiotics. The cough lasted over 30 days.

So, I was rummaging through my over-the-counter meds and found some Sinus Buster spray I used several months ago. Totally forgot I had it, and totally forgot how great it works until I tried it again. I don't get paid to say this, but I wanted to share my secret weapon that got rid of my symptoms and pain within a day and a half. I was literally going to go into the doctor on Friday and say, hit me up good with something...I gotta do 18 on Saturday.

I used the natural, red pepper spray, and viola...I am feeling 95% better. I swear on this spray, and recommend anyone to try it. It saved me a trip to the doctor, and it's all natural...and I am pretty sure I got it a Wal Greens. I think it's about $15. It's costs money to take time off of work, pay a co-pay at the doctors, and then, for me anyway, shell out hardworking money for an expensive prescription!! This product, as well as SCAPE sunblock have been great finds during my year of training for these past 2 marathons. Since early August facial lesions from my Lupus have pretty much been in remission, and I give a lot of credit to SCAPE because it has been the best sport's sunblock I have ever used. So, if you have Lupus and run outdoors, or you are prone to skin cancer, I would totally recommend it to you! It's not a cure, but it's a good training buddy to wear on your skin.

Once again...THANKS FOR THE DONATIONS!!!! Please keep spreading the word.


or CHECKS can be mailed to:

Running For Ryan

c/o Sarah Shay

P.O. Box


Austin, TX 78703


(100% of donations go directly to WWP after we credit amount to Team Ryan Shay Memorial)


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