Thursday, July 29, 2010


(above pic, just emailed to me from David Monti, awesome pic of Ry smiling! Thanks for sharing, David)

Hi there blog. It's been a couple of weeks, but recently mentally re-focused again to start rounding out the last few months of this training and fundraising. I have a couple of amazing runs lately. I got in a great mid distance run on Tuesday, and an awesome tempo run yesterday as the temperature dropped a few degrees in the overcast weather. It's been a roller coaster of a summer, but Ryan's spirit has seeped back into my running workouts, and it's actually been very helpful during the tough moments on the trail when I feel like stopping or even slowing down to a minimal jog. I am starting to visualize the finish line in NYC right now, like I did when I started getting geared up for the Austin Marathon last Valentine's Day. Personally, a few rough patches here and there, but nothing that won't work itself out in the end. It's amazing how training for a previous race can be totally opposite for another race. Undoubtedly, I will feel so much happiness, relief, and satisfaction with the ING NYC Marathon. When I visited Central Park a few times after Ryan's death, near "the rock" in Central Park, the sunlight always seemed to illuminate through the trees and shine down, just enough to feel him looking down on the city. I hope to write more is the training will start to pick up, and fundraising becomes very important in the final days. I continue to feel lucky to have this chance to keep Ryan's memory alive and give back to our troops. My best bud just headed back overseas today, and I found out someone else dear to me will go over for a 2nd tour very shortly. As usual, the realness of their service, and of all our men and women over there is what helps me truck along with Running For Ryan. Thanks for helping spread the word.

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