Monday, August 2, 2010


Oh, Today it was definitely, Journey's, "Don't Stop Believin". It was actually quite fitting, because today was an odd running day. It was 100 plus degrees on the trail today, and mentally I was like, "Hmmm, don't know how this run is going to go, maybe I will just trudge along". But man, when I think about Ryan, I get in a daze(a can-do attitude!), and just pound away, not even realizing I just made it up a hill without pausing for a second in the brutal heat.
It's also fitting that it was the last song to play on my IPod today, because it helped me finish the last quarter mile hard. Journey is probably my favorite band of all time, and this weekend I got to watch some very old Journey videos/live performances with another huge Journey fan for the first time. And... well... if you ever want to see the cheesiet video ever made, check out "Separate Ways". On the otherhand, "Faithfully" was such a great video and still one of my favorite love songs of all time.
Anyway...just a little random chat about my favorite group.
To top off the great run, I was rehydrating at the water station after the run and some random runner hollered at me, "Man you smoked me the entire way...I was trying to keep up but couldn't" Surprised, I didn't even notice. I was actually kind of shocked, because, yes it was a male, and most guys never have trouble passing me on the trail. But I do know what he means. I too focus on someone ahead of me, and often make it a goal to either stay right at his/her pace, or pass them just to keep a steady pace going. Though, haven't done that much this summer. I always seem to be the one getting passed as I bite my teeth and sweat my way to the finish.

Now, I am in full adrenaline mode, especially after hearing the interview on
I got to talk about Ryan and the Wounded Warrior Project in a way that just made me feel good about this challenge. Bart and Chuck were super sweet, and really Bart Yasso has been a great supporter for the cause ever since we met at the Austin Marathon.

So with this extra dose of adrenaline running in my veins right now, I just want to keep asking anyone reading this to PLEASE spread the word. We need to get $10,000 or so in 3 months. Please help me get this money for our brave and dear veterans.

If you need a little extra motivation, go to Melissa is actually the amputee veteran pictured in the photo above on Running For Ryan. I was following the Wounded Warrior Project on Facebook before I ever knew I would start to raise money for the cause, when this picture popped up on a Facebook posting, and that was when I decided to run for Ryan and our soldiers. Melissa Stockwell is an awesome veteran and a great athlete who always seems to smile and keep very positive outlook in life. Along with Ryan, she is definitely a huge motivation to keep 0n running. I have never met her, but you don't need to know someone personally to feel inspired. You just have to know her spirit. Check out her website, the Wounded Warrior Project sponsors her. She's amazing!

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