Thursday, July 15, 2010

JULY 15, 2010

Yesterday morning I had the great opportunity to chat with Bart Yasso and Chuck Engle for a Purefit Radio interview. This lead to meeting some ladies of a great online apparel store, Check them out, as they have befriended me, and may just be able to help out a bunch in the near future for Running For Ryan.

It's been about 10 months since I first started blogging for Running For Ryan, and in between the hustle and bustle of being a mom, working, running, and trying to get the word out for donations, I managed to squeeze in some dating. I must admit, I am pretty awful at it, but it wasn't until recently that I met someone I find interesting and well, the first man I have known for more than a couple of dates since my marriage ended 3.5 years ago. But unfortunately, I may still have a bit to go before I know just how to ease into another relationship. I think I pretty much blew this chance, because I still have a hard time communicating what's important to me in a partnership because I am afraid I am not going to like the results/answers I may receive in return. I guess I am not at that level of confidence I need to be, so I will keep on trucking and trying. I am not saying this guy has run away, saying, "get me out of here", let's hope another chance at getting to know each other is in the works, but like running....the more I get out there and do it...the easier it gets.

I have been on day 10 of a nasty persistent cough, but managed to get some good runs in earlier in the week. Looking forward to an easy run tomorrow evening as I gather up energy for a 10-12 miler on Saturday.

Watching Forest Gump (on VHS!) as I check emails/blog and I cannot believe how time has gone by. The movie was filmed in 1995, but the love story is always still great to watch between Forest and Jenny(Forest never giving up, yeah!) , and the resilience of Gary Sinise's character as the amputated Lt. Dan always makes me think of our troops, past and present. It's time to get rolling and pump of the energy for remaining training months. I pray good things come our way for Running For Ryan, and we get this goal met. If you are reading, keep spreading the word, and make a donation---any amount is appreciated!!!

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