Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, a couple of weeks ago I had a message from a guy named Ryan to see a condo we manage in the Austin area. It was the first day back after returning from Michigan, so my desk was swamped, and my energy limited, but I made the appointment to show this unit and the funniest thing happened. Actually, I would consider it a fateful thing.

I showed the two guys the place, they liked it, and so I started the small talk of, "So, what do you do in Austin". Mark told me he was in computer software, or something like that, and Ryan said he helped train professional runners. I was like, "cool, my brother was a professional runner, Ryan Shay." Both of them kind of dropped their jaws, and said, "You are Ryan's sister"? Then they said in unison, "We are Flotrack"( . I was like, get out of town, huh, what a small world. So, we got to talking about Ryan and my younger brother Stephan, and pretty much how funny it was for me to bump into them, neither of us knowing each other, but connected through the common interest of running.

We finished chatted, they got the place, and a couple of weeks later, I got a nice email from Mark about meeting up soon for an interview regarding Running For Ryan. So, I look forward to the opportunity as funds need to start coming in now as we are nearing 3 months before race day. (By the way, I asked Mark if I could bring this story up---as I am not usually one to discuss our clients, but this was a unique encounter indeed).

Well, going to get a 7/8 mile run in later on, and Max comes back, after vacationing with his dad the last 2 weeks, so looking forward to a lot of hugs and kisses this evening from my little man!

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