Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JULY 13, 2010

(Ryan Shay mid-summer night run shirt and medal for July 4, 2010 race in Central Lake, Mi. I ran it in 59:34, going for a 10 min pace, so ok with the time :))

I really enjoyed my time going back home. As I mentioned, it was the first time I had been back since Ryan's funeral. Yah, I know almost 3 years, but with moving from Michigan, to Maryland, and now Austin, it was a busy 3 years. One thing I realized though, was I don't want to go 3 years without a vacation again. I don't mean to say this in a spoiled sounding way, but with the divorce and the death, I was a non-stop working machine, focused on supporting my son and myself, trying to make ends meet, and build on some kind of stable future. But I realized along the way, everyone needs a break! Whatever your budget is, get out and live a little! Before I headed to Michigan, I was having Lupus flare ups, for a few weeks, and I caught something towards the end of my vacation, because I have been hacking and coughing for a week now, so I think my body is telling me to slow down. So, I took a little vacation from my vacation and did nothing this weekend expect spend it with great company and some pretty great running days despite the heat.
I am starting to come to the crucial months of this fundraiser. Due to being kind of worn down the last few weeks, I couldn't put too much time into this challenge. But yesterday my 7 mile run was different. It was like the running I used to do for the Austin Marathon challenge. I was energized mentally, which made the physical challenge of coughing and feeling a little weak feel alright. Sometimes I wish I didn't open my big mouth about doing a fall marathon. I really think I was even a little crazy to think I could train in this heat for the NYC Marathon, but when you make a promise to a cause dear to your heart, there really is no excuse to quit. My brother would never quit at anything, and it wouldn't honor him to put up my shoes now. I am very lucky to have made the trip home, as it reconnected me to loved ones, and to Ryan's spirit. I was a little homesick when I returned to Austin for the first couple of days, but Austin has become my home, and I will continue to kick up dirt around the trail and hope that I can reach out to those who also feel our troops need our support. I am almost certain this will be my last marathon challenge in Ryan's memory for the Wounded Warrior Project. If you are reading this, I TRULY appreciate helping spreading the word and donating any amount you can. Thank you!

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