Monday, September 14, 2009

Team Michigan Way To Go!

Hey Sis...I see your networking is working well! Awesome to see some donations today!

I have to take a minute to talk about running right now. I don't know what happened...maybe it was the cool front of 80 degrees, or the starts are aligned just right, but I felt like I was floating across the trail today. The hour run, with Max and stroller, didn't seem like I was getting a tooth pulled today. It just clicked, and totally boost my confidence as I continue to make baby steps toward a very long run in February.

Max loves the Gatorade Run Tex is putting out lately at the water stations. And speaking of, if you are a runner and a wounded warrior supporter, reading this, and live in the area... They still may need volunteers at the Wounded Warrior Relay Run at Canyon Lake. It's on the Run Tex page. James Eastland is the contact: :


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