Friday, September 25, 2009

Reading About Running

Browsing the book store tonight, and glanced at a Runner's World mag to see they wrote a story of Zola Budd. So, yah I actually bought a Runner's World, just to read the article at home. Last time I purchased a running magazine was when they did the spread of Ryan in RW after he died, and it took a few weeks for me to open up the magazine and read word for word, the events that unfolded on Nov. 3, 2007.

But today, my attention went to Zola Budd's name. I am not an expert in running these days, though Ryan was a professional runner, I did not follow every race he ran. I do remember when he won the Mercedes US Men's Marathon Championships in 2003, I was teaching in S. Korea. I ran into the teacher's lounge and told everyone, hey my little brother just won this marathon at 24 years old! I was so proud:)

So, back to Zola. I totally remember her as the barefoot runner, and the whole Mary Decker incident in the 84 Olympics. So, I am going to read about her this evening, as RW exclaims, her life story is stranger and more inspiring than we know.
As I begin to run more and try to get healthier, I am becoming more interested in running events, and articles... which I would have found maybe a little boring back in the day.
As for my run today, it was great. Good pace, hot out, so got a good sweat out of it! Trying a 10 miler tomorrow, as I can run without stroller, and will take advantage of the lone run!
Going to work on making a flyer to get a few more runners to participate in running for this fundraiser with me, and also to get the word out to a larger population about donating online

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