Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

First, happybirthday to my dad and sister, who share a birthday on a memorable day indeed.

Everyone remembers where they were 8 years ago. I was in Australia. I was eagerly trying to get a cooperate sponsor for a long term working visa, but ended up back packing around, and working under the table for some Italian mob wannabe type guy, who swore someone was out to get him any time a car drove slowly passed his "Italian" Restaurant.
New Zealand and Australia are gorgeous, by the way! So glad I went on a whim, even met up with Steve Irwin, and koala bears do just hang from the trees.
Life was great, but I flew home after 3 months, and came back to a different America. I could feel the change, and it's never been the same.

Running on a deserted trail today because the rain kept everyone away, somberly I started. The rain was very symbolic. But my lungs never felt so clear and strong and I took on each 6 inch mud puddle with joy and thought about how much I want to finish this race for my brother, for the troops, and for me...because it's time!

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