Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On my IPod I have a couple of Fray songs...LOVE this group. Well, just as I was getting off of work, Alica emailed me the good news of sponsoring my decision to run for my brother in order to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.
Now that I have the BIGGEST motivation of all to finish the marathon, I have to work out the money collecting thing, and go ask Austin for money!

Oh, back to the Fray, I was so freaking hyper on Town Lake today, and they came on, well, the one "You Found Me", and "Save A Life". Back to back and I was balling my eyes out, but in a good way. I knew I would come around to honor Ryan. And how I miss him, but feel like he is sitting right next to me. I miss all my siblings right now....millions of miles apart!

The run, well good, but it's getting harder to push a big boy around. About 25 minutes today...ducks are still distracting. But I may just end up with some nice tri-ceps from all the pushing. Eventually I will find ways to get babysitting help, when the long runs start approaching. Ate Turkey sausage for dinner...pretty yummy with baked beans. Very Northern, yes I know.

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