Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 2---P.M.

23 minutes of running with stroller and Max. I could have gone a half hour, but he demanded to feed the ducks. This will be my main struggle while running around Town Lake. I have to distract him, so he won't want to stop for the ducks, until after the run is finished! It felt alright, but the only kicker...I think I am getting a Lupus flare near my ears and temples again. Yah, was told I have Lupus in late July.
But if a wounded soldier can run a marathon, I am not going to complain about Lupus. By the way, have to cut out the caffiene in the morning. Two cups of coffee, and I was jittery all day! I was so hyper at work, well, I was told I was a workaholic today...that's not a compliment, really.

Need to call my girlfriend, who's 3 year old broke her nose the other day! She's hoping she won't need corrective surgery! Now that's some pop to the nose!

Mood: Fulfilled...work was productive, the run was fun, and it's less than 100 degrees!!:)

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