Sunday, June 6, 2010


Had the urge to clean my place today before I headed out to run, so pretty late getting on Town Lake, about noon, and had the audacity to try and run 10 miles, not realizing it was 96 out. I lost all energy 6 miles out, and walked 4 miles back to my car, it sucked. So, I learned a home can be cleaned anytime, but I really have to get my long runs in way early on the weekends. So, enough on running because today I was not happy about it.

But my weekend was relaxing, a little quiet without Max around and had zero plans, so really a time to catch up on sleep and run some errands.

Friday, after work I was lucky enough to meet with Richard West, who co-founded Texas Monthly Magazine and freelances for Runner's World. I am told the story about how Running For Ryan got started will be in a fall issue of Runner's World to coincide with the NYC Marathon. We met at the Tavern near 12th and Lamar in Austin, and it was a pleasure to meet him. He actually kind of reminds me of Bart Yasso a bit. He was very kind and I felt comfortable with the chat. I was shocked to hear that he read all my blogs since September of 2009 as I don't think I could ever go back and read them all in one shot! Also, I might realize...what the heck was I thinking?

I dream a lot! I told Richard of the tornado dreams I had a week prior to Ryan passing away, and on the morning of his death a tornado dream woke me up with a startle shortly before I got the call that fateful morning. The dream of him pushing me to the finish is what gave me the motivation to run a marathon...and maybe a little foreshadowing came from the dream I had shortly before the Austin Marathon where Ryan and I ran the NYC Marathon together. Little did I know then or even fathom that I would actually run it in 2010.

I had a personal dream this morning about my ex. It was one of those dreams that make you wake up and feel weird for the first part of the day. Very funny how dreams can be so off too. This dream was whimsical, fluffy and fun as we took Max and rode off in the sunset together. But in realty, and far away from the dream he could be moving on to another marriage when I am terrified of taking that step again. Yes, I admit it on this keyboard and screen, that it boggles my mind that he could be so sure when he wasn't sure the first time. I was sure the first time, and now I am not sure for a second time. Oh, just another thing that I guess will makes sense to me when the time is right.

Scared, yes but still a hopeless romantic. I do enjoy the anticipation of feeling those sparks again! But for now, let me dream about Jake Gyllenhaal or reaching that $26,200 goal!

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  1. Yeah. You'll know when its right the next time.

    I'm so excited that you'll be in Runner's World! Go girl! Ryan would be PROUD!

    Thank you for your continued inspiration.