Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(2nd annual Ryan Shay Mid Summer's Night Run, Central Lake, MI July 4, 2010, register at www.ryanshay.org) Proceeds donated to local high school for college scholarships.

It's Tuesday, and I am laying on the sofa with a pillow behind my back and blanket over my legs. I had to call in today, as I just had that feeling of, "oh, I need to rest right now". I just got carried away with running dehydrated, stressing about work, and being too busy to breathe. My ears are ringing and my eyes hurt, but after this little write-up, going to sleep for awhile and let my body catch up with me.

No fear, my boss knows, and I cannot remember the last time I called in sick anyway.

Everyone has those moments when they feel just slightly off enough to know when to slow down, and so I am doing that today. If I feel better, I might even do a slow jog in the evening.

The good news is this summer is way more approachable than last summer! Now that Max's dad is back from deployment, Max enjoys catching up with him and it gives me some free time to explore Austin more. I have started getting back into a social scene and it has boosted my confidence in terms of being new to this city. Going home to Michigan in a week will allow me to catch up with family again, but I have to say Austin is growing on me more and more. It's definitely a place to meet some very interesting people.

Before I head home, I will be interviewing with Chris Sanchez of Inside Austin a weekend radio show. I am not sure when it will air, probably weekend after this. I hope to generate some funds back home, and when I get back to Austin really need to get back in fundraiser mode and see about getting this goal met. One thing about me, is if I say I am going to do something, I want to make sure I go all the way with it.

Now I am going to sleep for a bit and rest my tired body.

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