Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd Annual Ryan Shay Mid Summer Night Run

In a few weeks(4th of July) I will head to Michigan for the 2nd annual 5 and 10k put on in my brother's memory in the town I graduated high school. I pretty much left Central Lake when I finished high school, and have returned less than a handful of times over the passed 15 years. I definitely had the restless soul out of the 8 of us at that time and besides going to college I scraped pennies to fly here and there in and out of the country for a good several years. I missed a lot of Ryan's post collegiate runs because of the traveling adventures, but always kept up with his races through the inter net. He would even email his running schedules to us (just in case we were in the neighborhood during a race). But Ryan would go back to Central Lake and continue to run the back roads of Northern Michigan and visit our old high school, and hang out from time to time. So, it's definitely fitting to have a run in his memory started in our home town. Proceeds from the race go to our local high school for college scholarships. I asked my father if I could do some kind of donation booth for Running For Ryan, and I believe we will have a table set up for anyone who has a few dollars or a check book handy to give to the Wounded Warrior Project, so if you happen to read this and live in Michigan and will be at the race, please spread the word.

We are at about $14,600 right now of $26,200 goal. I have not had an opportunity to have some kind of benefit gig in Austin yet, but would love to do something before the NYC Marathon to get a boost in donations. If you are a business or individual with an idea, and or resources, please contact me at

Please remember donating online is very easy and safe. I continue to donate on line when I have a few extra dollars and the payment system is very secure. Just click on DONATE icon, and click on my name and it takes you through the steps.

Checks can be made to Wounded Warrior Project or Running For Ryan and mailed to

Running For Ryan

P.O. Box 300766

Austin, TX 78703

As I mentioned yesterday, it was a pleasure to meet Doug Ulman, CEO of LIVESTRONG at the Austin Marathon/LIVESTRONG meeting. Since living in Austin, I have been very lucky to meet such inspirational people like Doug Ulman, Dick Beardsley, and Bart Yasso. I was hesitant to pack up and move down here without family and without a circle of friends, but it's a great city with a lot of great organizations to take an interest in and give back to. Just as these above names are familiar, just as many without such known names have been very inspirational to me, especially everyone who helped with the entire Austin Marathon journey. My head has been very focused for a few days, and I continue to visualize the finish line in NYC. Max told me I had to win this time (ha ha) so better get working on a mock trophy for his dresser.

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