Monday, May 31, 2010

M E M O R I A L D A Y, May 31, 2010

I didn't head down to San Antonio as planned. First off, my car was in the shop on Friday, and I wasn't sure about taking it out of town on such a long and busy traffic weekend. But it seems okay. Secondly, my hostess was still moving into her new place with her son, so she was a busy mom this weekend. So, I stayed in Austin and Max and I headed to Lake Travis for the first time. Wow, the water was perfectly warm, though not sure if I went to the best place just because it was rocky and wavy. But really no complaints as we enjoyed a good half day in the water.

Today I told Max we were going to head to a place where they say "Thank you" to soldiers who were brave and died for their service. I am pretty sure his dad being a soldier made it pretty easy to understand and we headed to the American Legion Post in Austin on Veterans Drive.

As soon as we arrived, presentations were being made, and I instantly started to shed tears. While I do think about our soldiers past and present, my brother was on my mind. I have always admired men and women in uniform, but even as an ex-wife to a soldier, I don't think I gave back to the military as much as I should have. So, with my brother's passing, came this challenge, and that's why I was thinking about him during the Memorial Day events today. Doubt was creeping back in a little bit over the past few days, because training is miserable in the Texas heat, but I truck through, even with slower running times, but 10 miles has been the most I can bare for now. I mean, I know I will be in NYC in November, and I will run, but my running confidence has lessen with summer training versus winter training. But the Lupus is doing okay. Inflammation to my face has cleared up a lot but my eyes are dried out now. Due to lack of producing tears, using drops frequently through out the day, but my joints are good, and I continue to feel like I am managing it quite well. So with that good bit of news, I focus ahead, and think about the thousands of wounded who have physical and emotional wounds far exceeding anything that I have to deal with.

It was a great time at the American Legion. Max sat next to me and listened to Mayor Leffingwell give a speech, and a couple of other veterans from years ago. The great part about Memorial Day/4th of July/and Veteran's Day events is seeing those who have served from so long ago encouraging and supporting soldier's of today. Some old planes flew over, and Max sat with me a bit to hear some music, then his favorite part came, brownies and ice cream.:) It was pretty hot today, 95 degrees, and so after a couple of hours we headed home, and as we left Max said, "Mama, I want to go there again." So, as a mother, it felt good to have him interested in an event on Memorial Day. Even if he doesn't understand all of it, I know he will want to go next year, and hopefully incorporate the act of showing appreciation to servicemen and women throughout his lifetime.

Today I give my appreciation to all those who have lost their lives for us. For some families the loss and pain is still very new, and my heart goes out to you. Bless you all.

A special shout out to my best friend in Iraq right now. "T" we all love you, and can't wait to see you back home soon. Love ya.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you inspired the appreciation in Max.

    Take it easy on yourself. It looks like its gonna be a hot summer. Whew!