Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Merciful Weather, May 25, 2010

It's amazing what a little drop in temperature will do to make a run seems fantastic! Did my usual 7 mile loop around the lake and felt awesome tonight. Trying to keep the 30-40 miles a week base going until the final 3 three month before NYC Marathon. Won't be doing any 20 mile long runs before August, that's for sure!

As I was on the trail today, I was pretty mellow, thoughts wandering toward the fundraiser. It's definitely more of a challenge this time around. So, I was brainwashing for some ways I can generate money in order to make goal of $26,200. I am going to start working on the plans. and cross my fingers that something becomes of the ideas. I felt great stuffing envelopes all weekend and sending those mail requests out, but as I learned from the last marathon about 1 in a handful respond, so I am going to try and do some local things to help raise the funds.

Going to make this short before Max gets home, and grill some chicken I have marinating in a mystery marinade I just made up last minute...should be interesting!

I feel really good after this last run and just want to enjoy the endorphin high I am on right now and hope it carries through in future workouts this week!

Favorite song of the day on my IPod was once again, Radar Love...it gets my adrenaline kickin everytime!

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