Sunday, May 23, 2010

MAY 23, 2010

Austin really is a pretty unique city with Town Lake in the middle of it all and ample spots for hiking and biking and jogging. If I wasn't running to keep my base miles in tack before the harder training at the end of the summer, I would even be used to the heat. Today's 10 mile attempt kicked my butt! I was so hot and dehydrated after 8 miles, I stopped and walked the last 2. It's only in the 90's so it going to be super interesting to see how I will get a 20 mile long run in this season when the temps peak at 100 plus!

I am going to San Antonio for Memorial Weekend, I decided. Last year, as I mentioned before, Max and I headed to Ft. Hood around this time last year (I think the weekend before Memorial Weekend). Five months had passed since his dad deployed and he really enjoyed seeing all the guys in uniform... I guess it confirmed to him that his dad's absence was for a valid reason, because all these men and women were about to deploy soon too.

So, going to check out my friend's new place and show support in San Antonio this year on Memorial Day. It was actually a pretty low key weekend and I am going to sign out this time around without carrying on and on like usual.

If you are reading this, thanks! Please continue to spread the word about donating. I need to average abut $2,000 a month to reach the goal for NYC Marathon. I appreciate all the support and wish you well!

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  1. Good luck girl!! More power to you running in 100 degree temps. Whew.

    Have a wonderful weekend.