Monday, October 4, 2010

OCTOBER 4, 2010 21 Miles and a Goat:)

The past Saturday I did 21 miles! Truthfully, the time was slow, but I am really not complaining. To be honest, with the crazy hot temps. over the summertime, I wasn't sure if I would get in any extra long runs, so pleased with that, and pleased my legs keep moving. Slight joint pain lately in the toes of my right foot, but it usually gets better through out the day. Recently I got plugs in my tear ducts to help force tear production and it's been amazing. Ah, so much for not being able to cry anymore...ha ha. Seriously, it's a great and simple procedure and since I could not afford the $200 a month prescription it was an affordable alternative to relieving my eyes. Do it, if you have the same problem!!!

The run was smooth,(best part was seeing a woman push hear GOAT in a stroller! Gotta love Austin) and I look forward to getting in another 20 plus mile run before race day. Today's run was amazing. Short on help this week with watching Max while I run, so asked my boss so kindly to let me leave early enough to get in a run before picking up Max from school, and off I went! The trail was quiet, the temperature PERFECT, and my mind was totally relaxed! I have been trying to get in the zone I remember being in last winter while training for Austin Marathon. And today I was there! Once again, crossing over the I35 bridge, I looked down at the water and thought about Ryan. It's amazing how over the course of a year I have went from desperately trying to come to terms with his death, to embracing his spirit that lingers pleasantly each time I touch the ground and start running. Sometimes he hears me cursing pretty loudly (especially in the dreaded summer heat) but today I am pretty sure I was smiling the whole time I ran for 70 minutes, and it's these exact moments that make me appreciate everything good in my life right now. It was an "Ahhhhhhh" kind of a day.

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