Monday, October 18, 2010

(brother Stephan, Meb, and me Houston-2010)

In the above link, there is an article written in the Wall Street Journal about Meb Keflezighi, defending NYC Marathon Champ, explaining how there have been struggles trying to convince America, he is an American athlete.
About half-way through the article, Meb's wife, Yordanos, explains how my brother would always be one of the first runners to defend Meb against the negative comments frequently spewed by some other runner (who I think might just wish they could run half as fast as Meb). I read this article a couple of days ago, and it choked me up inside. It seems easier to talk about my brother these days than to hear someone else talk about him because it makes me realize just how much he is missed by more than just his family.

I know Meb had a great bond with Ryan, as well as Ryan's housemate Abdi. Both runners not American born, but running and training in the country they love. It makes me swell up in tears and beam with pride that Ryan was one of those runners who encouraged Meb and if he could have seen Meb win the NYC Marathon last year, he would have been the first to congratulate him for representing the USA strongly.

While I am nowhere in any category as Meb, I have had a lot of self doubt over the last year. Especially now that media has picked up from Flo Track, to Runner's World, local coverage, and inter net coverage through his alma mater, Notre Dame, I have put myself out there. I didn't know a year ago I would be asking the public to donate to a very important cause all the while doing it in Ryan's memory.

If anyone knew my brother, they would know he never settled for less. When it came to running, it was like, I was the younger sister, and he was the big brother. In high school, I had one shining moment when we won Cross Country Regionals together. It was my senior year, and his freshman year. I remember he came up to me and patted me on the back and said "Good job." I almost probably felt like saying, "Thanks, coach." But instead, I just just beamed inside, knowing I was never going to have a moment like that again.
Someone recently told me they didn't support my marathon because I have a disease (Lupus) and a son to think about. Well the other day, Max mentioned once again, if I win the marathon (aren't kids cute) that it must go on his dresser in his bedroom. So, this time instead of doubting if it was all worth it, and if my body will make it through another 26.2 miles, I will just give it my best and only worry about believing in myself. What I have recently learned and I am 34, so it took awhile, that no one will ever believe in me until I trust myself completely. It doesn't hurt that my favorite little 5 year old continues to give me his blessing!

Now I just need to find a good trophy shop in Austin.:)

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