Saturday, April 24, 2010

You Never Know

Today was great. I spent the day with Max, enjoying a Saturday with a walk around Town Lake, kicking the ball around a bit and entertaining the ducks. From time to time we grab lunch at a restaurant we both enjoy and today was one of those days. There's a really nice guy who works there and he's always pleasant to Max and I and we usually have a little conversation as we have seen him several times working at this restaurant.
Well, the conversation lead to family talk, and because he told me he didn't always live in Austin, I asked him, something about his parents maybe living here? He said, no my parents are dead, they were murdered when he was a young boy. I was stunned and he told me a little about that time in his life and I just didn't know what to think. It just had me thinking for the rest of the day about the different people we meet and their backgrounds. This guy is super kind and always has a smile for his customers, seems to enjoy his job and he went through such a tragic experience...he witnessed the event.
It was just one of those days when you really appreciate that everyone has a story, and that you especially may never know what someone has been through because behind a smile and a pleasant personality this person had been through tremendous heartache.

Before we left, we were laughing and joking around again, as he has children and is always great at entertaining Max when we visit. That's the part of his story I appreciated the most...that he still is able to share happiness with complete strangers.

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