Sunday, February 14, 2010


A few of the team members

(right after the marathon, with cheryl lowe)
(left to right (front), Joe, Kenton, Me, Nancy (back) Gabi, Andrew)
A new adventure is in the works. Now that I have had a taste of one marathon, another one seems like the next best thing. Is it normal to feel this enthusiastic? I sincerely love all the supporters. When someone asks you, "what's next?" well that's all it takes to stay motivated. Max was my hero tonight, carrying the bags out of the car for mama. He even made a bed on the couch for me so I could rest my legs. A little time off for now, and then some planning. If you are thinking about running your first race (whatever the distance) do it! Everyone has a reason, and it really has made this journey that more sincere. Goodnight.

As I thought would happen, little sleep last night, but finally got in a couple of hours before the run. Didn't know if I could even think about writing tonight, because of the shock on my body and the overwhelming emotions I experienced today.
The run was great up until mile 20. About 2 miles in, I had to pee, and waited 4 minutes for a pit stop. So, being anxious, I ran hard to make it up because I wanted to see if a 10 min pace was possible. I did it up until mile 21, than I just went ouch, body doesn't want to run anymore. The last 5 miles were brutal. I hated them. The sun was plastering my face, which is horrible for potential Lupus flare up, and I could feel it. Forgot to put sunscreen on, and besides weather called for clouds, not sunshine. Seriously, I was going for a sub-5, so why I am complaining about missing a 10 min. pace? So, I will shut up about that now.

When I saw my friend/coach approach me a mile and a half before the finish, I cried instantly. This emotion carried me through the finish when I saw a team mate, some family members and my son cheering me on with a sign he decorated, my heart melted. I just wanted to pick him up and squeeze him hard, but than I noticed I couldn't walk. Now I know what it's like to have that stiff, just ran a marathon body.

Headed back to the hotel to meet family and friends, and ran into Bart Yasso again. Embarrassingly enough, I don't really know many names in the running world, so when I first met him on Friday, I said, your name looks familiar. Well, the rest is history. He is a very cool guy, and said, "You did it, great job." I just balled my eyes out, because it was at that moment, that everything just came full circle. All I could think about was Ryan. I miss him so much. Today it aches. But so MANY awesome people that I don't even know pushed me to finish this just as much as those who know me, that it just makes me the happiest marathon finisher to know the memory of my brother is still strong in the hearts of many.

When I finally headed home, and tried to get out of the car, that's when the physical pain went full throttle! I was so cold, I took a hot shower and wrapped up in a blanket and passed out on the sofa. When I woke up, I could barely move, and did an ice bath. Wow! Freaking cold, but totally heavenly for my knees and calves. Never tried it before, but learning some running do and and don'ts every day.

Popped some Motrin for my screaming headache, and now I am pretty okay.
Emotionally, a little off (what's new). All I want to do is run another marathon. Yah, funny, because I told my coach, never in a million years right towards the finish. But Running For Ryan was developed from a dream I had about Ryan, and now the dream I had to finish this race and meet a fundraising goal has been completed. So what now? Running For Ryan will continue. Donations can be made as long as the WWP exists and I will keep the link there.

I am going to find a way to keep running, which means I will have to make some changes in the future, but this past 6 months introduced me to the world of running and non-profit work, so we will just see where it leads. This was one of the best days of my life! How fitting that it was Valentine's Day, as there was love everywhere on the Austin course today. A great race organization, a great city to call home now. Thanks Team Sente for your support and love. You guys are so kind! Let's run together again!


  1. Yay! I'm so proud of you!! This post made me cry... I so know what its like to accomplish a goal. Very excited for you. So thrilled.

    Keep up the great work Sarah and Congratulations!

  2. You make me so proud! You really do. I know you questioned whether or not you'd get a team together... 22 my friend! How you'd ever raise 10 g's... over $12,000 my friend, and if you could even finish it... you killed it!!!! I couldn't be happier for you or prouder of you! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! I love ya girl!